A visit to Melbourne University – Designing for disability

Melbourne University invited us to speak at their ‘Designing for disability = Designing for all’ conference. It was a great opportunity to discuss what should be the main factors when building assistive technology. One of the things we discussed was whether the effectiveness of any particular technology has not currently been proven? The one example we mentioned was the inability to program a remote that has Bluetooth signals to a chair or a device. This is certainly becoming more of an issue as more and more remotes are switching to Bluetooth to replace infra-red signals. For example, Apple TV 4th Generation but there are also others. For this particular device infra-red works to a point but games and some apps need the Siri remote which is Bluetooth. The companies who make these products need to take a second to ask themselves whether every aspect of the product has been considered in relation to accessibility? If this becomes part of a regular check list then the world would be more inclusive. Thank you Melbourne Uni for having us!